President Obama, Chicago Olympics & Corruption

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The White House – Chicago – Olympic Connection

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President Obama’s Silence, Support and Selection of Corrupt Chicago Politicians

S-Silence: Throughout Barrack Obama’s career as an Illinois state senator, and U.S. Senator, President Obama has kept silent about Chicago and Illinois corruption. Presdent Obama’s silence about Chicago and Illinois corruption is an admission of his participation in it.

S-Support: President Obama supported Mayor Daley for reelection though from 1988 to 2004 the Daley administration carried out a 16 year hiring and election fraud scheme prior to Obama endorsing Daley for mayor in 2007. And now President Obama is supporting a Chicago Olympics that Mayor Daley designed to maintain his anti-democracy stranglehold on city, county, state and national politics.

S-Selection: President Obama selected Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff; Arne Duncan, U.S Secretary of Education; David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett as Senior White House advisors. Emanuel, Duncan, Axelrod, and Jarrett were all influential Daley administration members when the Daley administration committed numerous crimes and civil rights violations.

Review documents that support these claims.

Change People Can Believe In

Change was a repeated promise of President Obama’s campaign. Change should begin with President Obama. Change should begin in President Obama’s hometown, Chicago, Illinois. If President Obama is to fulfill his promise of change, he will establish a congressional committee to investigate Chicago and Illinois corruption. The congressional committee will investigate the crimes and civil rights violations that rigged elections, eliminated political competition, and created a Democratic monopoly in Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois. If President Obama can bring honesty and integrity to Chicago and Illinois governments, he can improve the political culture anywhere in the United States.

If Chicago is the 2016 Olympic host city, Chicago and Illinois state Democrats will continue to make a mockery of political competition and Democracy. The Chicago Political Machine Used Unlawful Means to Put an End to Political Competition and Democracy.

Chicago Democrats hold all eight major offices in Illinois, the Republicans hold none.

Chicago Democrats hold all 11 major offices in Cook County, the Republicans hold none.

Chicago Democrats hold all three major offices in the City of Chicago, the Republicans hold none.

Chicago Democrats expanded and retained their political power not through merit, ability, and honest public service, but rather through unlawful means that undermined the sanctity of elections. If the IOC chooses Chicago to host the Olympics, Chicago Democrats will use the assignment of Olympic contracts to raise an insurmountable amount of campaign contributions  and hire Olympic employees who are willing to campaign for the machine’s candidates. The illusion that the Olympics is a private undertaking doesn’t stop corruption, it guarantees it!

The one party Democratic rule has produced wide spread corruption in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois. If President Obama’s support enables Chicago to host the Olympics, Chicago Democrats will use Olympic contracts and workers to perpetuate their one party rule. My greatest fear is that Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois’ one party political rule has spread to our nation’s capital. President Obama and his White House staff helped create and run the one party rule in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois. If President Obama and his White House staff created and ran a one party system in Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois, they surely will try to spread it across the country.

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