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Can’t Trust Daley

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For years Mayor Daley spent taxpayers’ dollars fighting to the end the Shakman federal court decree that banned Daley from using city employees as patronage workers. At the same time Daley was sending lawyers on his behalf to the federal court, secretly Daley’s staff rigged over 5,000 job applicant and promotional interviews in violation of the federal court decree. How can we trust Daley who on the one hand is going to court to change the law, and on the other hand he is violating the law? Why is President Obama supporting a Daley-led Olympics when Mayor Daley has shown such disregard and contempt for the federal court and the law? If President Obama has integrity, he will denounce Daley and sever all ties with Daley and Daley’s underlings, including the former Daley administration members who he named to the Obama White House staff and cabinet.

In 2005 the Federal Court assigned Noelle Brennan to monitor the City of Chicago’s personnel decisions. Because the Daley administration violated the civil rights of applicants, employees, candidates, and voters for 16 years, the court does trust the Daley administration to make it’s own personnel decisions. The court’s unusual move is akin to how the Justice Department has temporarily managed a union because of mob influence. Each year since 2006 the federal court extended the monitor because the Daley administration refuses to follow the federal court decree. If we cannot trust the Daley administration with it’s personnel decisions when a federal court judge and monitor reviews every employment decision, how can we trust Daley to manage 5,000 Chicago Olympic employees when no one is watching?

Mayor Daley’s brother’s, former U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley, name surfaced at the Al Sanchez trial, which ended in a conviction of  Sanchez, who was Mayor Daley’s former Streets and Sanitation commissioner. Bill Daley’s name appears as a patronage sponsor on the Clout List. To view Bill Daley’s name on the Clout List, click on the link below:Clout ListIn a Chicago Tribune article, Bill Daley said, “Times were different. You’re talking about 20 years ago. Even if it happened—and I’m not saying it did—things were different. There was nothing illegal about that stuff.” Bill Daley’s statement that there was nothing illegal because it happened so long ago is a lie. The Shakman Federal Court Decree went into effect in 1984, and Mayor Daley and his brother Bill started to violate the decree in 1988, four years after the decree took effect. To learn more about the Shakman Decree, click on the link below: Shakman MonitorFormer U.S. Commerce Secretary Bill Daley benefitted from the illegal political organization that he and his brother Richard created. During the Sorich trial, Donald Tomczak testified that his political organization worked for Al Gore’s presidential campaign. Bill Daley was Al Gore’s campaign chairman. How hard was it for Bill Daley to ask his brother Mayor Richard Daley for campaign workers? Tomczak federal court testimony that Bill Daley’s candidate received assistance from his brother Richard’s unlawful campaign workers says it all. To read the federal court testimony, click on the link below: Tomczak TestimonyIf the Daleys controlling Chicago isn’t enough, the Daleys also control the Cook County Board. The Finance Chairman of the Cook County board is Mayor Daley’s brother John. It is common knowledge that Mayor Daley’s brother is running the Cook County Board.

Mayor Daley’s former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez was convicted in Federal Court for his participation in the Daley administration’s job and election rigging scheme. Mayor Daley was first elected mayor in 1989. One year prior to Daley’s 1989 mayoral election, Sanchez met with Daley campaign representatives and together they planned to violate the Shakman federal court decree by promising city jobs to people who campaigned for Daley. In 1988 Daley was the Cook County State’s Attorney the first time he was elected mayor. Daley was the chief legal officer for a county with a population of 5 million people when he and his cronies purposely plotted to violate the Shakman Decree. If Daley can’t be trusted to obey a federal court decree when he was Cook County’s highest legal officer, how can we trust him in any other capacity?

Perry Myers,President of MSI Detective Service and U-Spy Store was interviewed concerning the integrity of Mayor Daley and Pat Ryan’s statements to the press. Myers is an expert interrogator and interviewer and analyzed some videotaped interview statements and gave his opinion based on what he saw and heard.To watch Myers interview visit,


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September 13, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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