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First Lady Michelle is No Saint

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First Lady Michelle Obama is no saint because the First Lady had two influential positions in the Daley administration during the time the Daley administration successfully conspired to rig jobs and elections. Michelle Obama was an assistant to Mayor Daley and assistant Planning and Development Commissioner while members of the Daley administration committed numerous crimes and civil right violations. Because of the First Lady’s high positions in the Daley administration, Michelle Obama either knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the Daley administration’s unlawful activities. I am willing to stake my life on the claim that First Lady Michelle either intentionally or unintentionally participated in the Daley administration’s illegal schemes.

There are several reasons why I am 100% confident that Michelle Obama was either a willing or unwilling contributor to the Daley administration’s unlawful conspiracy and fraud. First, the nature of Mrs. Obama’s two appointed city jobs was such that Mayor Daley had the right to fire Mrs. Obama without cause. Employees who work for Daley must obediently follow Mayor Daley’s orders or face immediate termination, especially a high ranking city employee as was Mrs. Obama. If Mrs Obama criticized or complained about Mayor Daley’s unethical or unlawful practices, Daley would have immediately fired her. The information from the federal court corruption trials of top Daley administration officials makes it crystal clear that Mayor Daley has a top down management style. The creation, command and control of Daley’s 5,000 member patronage army was inside Daley’s mayoral office where Michelle Obama once worked. Besides unlawful patronage jobs, Daley also doled out millions of dollars in city contracts and produced legislation that was favorable to businesses and people who in return contributed hefty campaign donations to Daley. When Michelle Obama was working as an assistant to Mayor Daley, political misdeeds occurred multiple times a day in Daley’s office. For years there have been more FBI public corruption agents assigned to Chicago than any other city in America. As an assistant to Mayor Daley, Chicago political corruption had to involve Michelle Obama because of Mayor Daley’s  and his administration’s disreputable character and conduct.

The First Lady’s job transfer from an assistant to Mayor Daley to an Assistant Commissioner of Chicago’s Planning and Development Department is quite revealing. Mayor Daley purposely uses his underlings to make sure he is not held accountable for crimes that occur in his administration. After former Chicago City Clerk Jim Laski finished his prison term for taking bribes, he wrote a book on his political career. Laski  explained how Mayor Daley schooled him on how to avoid getting caught by the FBI. According to Laski, Daley told him to use employees as layers of “protection.” The only reason why Daley transferred Michelle Obama from his mayor’s staff to the Planning Department is because Daley trusted Michelle. Note, the First Lady was second in charge of the Planning Department when Chicago was experiencing a building boom. Daley would not risk putting Michelle Obama as a Planning Department leader if he had considered her an outsider or potential whistle blower. The majority of Mayor Daley’s and his flunky aldermen’s campaign contributions come from real estate developers, construction companies, architects, and zoning attorneys. The Chicago Tribune wrote a six part series on the relationship between rezonings and campaign contributions. The name of the Tribune series is called “Neighborhood for Sale,” but given the timing, number, and amount of political contributions, the series should have been called, “Politicians for Sale.” Daley placed Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, who now is President Obama’s Senior White Adviser, in the Planning Department so that Michelle and Valerie would blindly support any rezonings or plans Mayor Daley or his aldermen wanted. Mayor Daley’s campaign fund benefited more from Michelle Obama and the planning department she worked at than any other city department.

The real estate developer Antoin (Tony) Rezko is currently in federal prison for political influence peddling, fraud, and bribery. In 2005 Rezko’s wife Rita purchased the adjoining property next to the Obama’s current home at full price while the Obamas paid $300,000.00 less than market value on the very same day. Given the close personal, political, and professional relationship between the Obamas and the Rezkos, Barrack Obama’s denial that he and Rezko did not coordinate the buying of their adjacent properties is absurd. The FBI was already investigating Tony Rezko when the Obamas and Rita Rezko bought adjacent property from the same seller on the same day. The Obamas and the Rezkos purposely used Tony’s wife Rita as the buyer to avoid a scandal if the public found out that Tony, AKA the FBI target, was the buyer of the vacant lot adjacent to the Obamas. Did Rita Rezko get the money to buy the property next to the Obamas from her husband Tony? Did Rita learn that the property was for sale from her husband Tony? Rita Rezko did not come home one day and say to her husband, “Tony, guess what, I used our money to buy a vacant lot today. You’ll never guess who bought the house next door to my lot?”

In 2006 the Obamas bought a 10 foot wide strip of land from Rita Rezko at $60,000.00 above the assessed value of the property. The Obamas purposely paid money above and beyond the assessed property value because they were heavily criticized for paying $300,000.00 below the assessed value for the house. By the time the Obamas bought the strip of land from Rita Rezko, they were earning big bucks from Barrack’s book, “The Audacity of Hope,” and Michelle’s salary jumped from $122,000 in 2004 to $322,000.00 in 2005 after Barrack was elected to the U.S. Senate. Given the Obamas much higher income, the Obamas could now afford to buy off unfavorable publicity. Barrack Obama donated to charity about $170,000.00 of the $250,000 in campaign contributions tied to Rezko, but the Obamas have not been in any hurry to rid themselves of their house that has convicted felon Rezko’s name written all over it.

Rezko’s company Rezmar used more than $100 million in city, state and federal funds and bank loans to rehab 30 apartment buildings in Chicago. It is quite conceivable that Michelle Obama in her job as Assistant Planning and Development Commissioner helped Rezko acquire funds to rehab his apartment buildings. While Michelle Obama was using her position in Chicago’s Planning Department to help Rezko receive government funding for his projects, Rezko was helping to provide the seed money for Barrack Obama’s Illinois State Senate, U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate races. In 1997 Barrack Obama asked city and state officials to support a Tony Rezko and Allison Davis low-income senior citizen development project. In addition to receiving more than $14 million in taxpayer funds, Rezko and Davis received $885,000 in development fees that Barrack Obama’s support help secure,. The Obamas and the Rezkos helping one another for personal and political gain is a classic example of the “Chicago way.” Rezko will never implicate the Obamas because Barrack Obama is the only person in the world who could use a presidential pardon to free Rezko from prison.

Mayor Daley depended on his high ranking administrators, such as Michelle Obama to participate and contribute to his 16 year hiring and election rigging scheme.  In fact, several top Daley officials at Mrs. Obama’s level or above have already been convicted or implicated in federal court. Former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Al Sanchez and Former Water Department Assistant Commissioner Donald Tomczak have been convicted and are currently serving their sentences. Former Intergovernmental Affairs employee Robert Sorich, who the media often called “Daley’s patronage chief,” is serving time in a federal prison after losing his U.S. Supreme Court appeal. While testifying in federal court Donald Tomczak implicated three successive Intergovermental Affairs commissioners, Timothy Degnan, Victor Reyes, and John Doer, for their participation in Daley’s hiring and election rigging scheme. Sanchez, Tomczak, Sorich, Degnan, Reyes, and Doer were all at the same level of city government or above as Michelle Obama. During the federal court trials it was clearly shown that orders in Chicago’s political hierarchy came from the next level above. For Michelle Obama to  survive as a high ranking member of Daley’s political machine, the First Lady had to receive, pass along, and follow Mayor Daley’s political orders regardless if they were ethical or legal.

Given Michelle Obama’s close association with Daley and her top Daley administration positions, the First Lady knows first hand the extent of Chicago corruption. The fact that the First Lady is out stumping for a Chicago Olympics means she has never left the Chicago political machine. In spite of the First Lady’s personal knowledge of Chicago politics, like her husband President Obama, the First Lady has never denounced Mayor Daley or the Chicago political machine for the numerous crimes or civil rights violations that occurred in the Daley administration. Furthermore,  the First Lady has never proposed any political reforms that Chicago and Illinois so sorely needs.


Written by drjaystone

September 12, 2009 at 11:57 am

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